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  About Peggy All About Peggy ; My name is Peggy and I am a gifted psychic currently residing in Austin Tx. I have been blessed with psychic intuition abilities that has been passed down from my father’s generation. Austin Psychics Card Palm Readings by Peggy specializes in reuniting lost loved ones , and advice

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  Psychic Readings   Tarot Card Readings Gain prophetic insight of the future , find closure of the past , and heightened your awareness in the NOW with the magic of the Tarot Cards. Call Peggy for your tarot reading today! 1-512-385-5803   Palm Readings Find your direction in life , love , fate ,

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I had a Psychic reading with Peggy in 2011. When she first read my cards , I was disturbed by the chaos and drama that was surfacing , but towards the ending , Peggy recommended the many ways to remove myself from the negative force and obstacles that surfaced. Before leaving she ensured me I would eventually reach my goal , my mission , my success. Now , in 2014 , Her prophetic insight of my future was accurate. I just recently left a bad relationship with NO emotional attachment , and I opened my business doors at the beginning of this year! Such a mysterious universe , she coached me through hard times , now I cater to her online presentation ( Web Design and SEO Optimization ) so she can vi-rally extend her guidance! Every encounter , and Every thing happens for a reason : ) Thanks Peggy


Peggy truly does have a gift. I went here first by myself to check it out, and her method is having you draw tarot cards which she intuitively interprets. She completely blew me away, she completely called me out on things I was merely subconsciously aware of. The second time I brought my mom, and my mom was so impressed with the emotional awareness Peggy had of her it literally made her cry. The most recent time I went I took my brother and his wife, and my boyfriend. They went in on their own to see her, and when they came out I could see on their faces how impressed they were, which they went on and on about at brunch afterwards. As for my boyfriend and I, Peggy was quick to get to the point and drilled right down into the problematic aspects of our relationship. I have never had couples counseling before, but it was the most therapeutic and insightful knowledge I have ever gained on my relationship. My boyfriend is the super skeptical type, and even he is a believer of Peggy's gift. One thing to keep in mind though is that she won't tell you stereotypical insights of your "future" rather she drills into the unseen forces influencing you and provides sound guidance. Also keep in mind that Peggy is a very confident woman in her ability so she simply "says it like it is" meaning don't expect to be coddled or hear only things you want to hear. I very highly recommend her.


Psychic Card Palm Reader 2101 W Slaughter Ln, Austin, TX 78748 Category: Shopping, Spiritualists & Mediums, Sports & Recreation I have been in contact with Ms. Peggy over the course of 4 months and all that she has advised me on has come to pass. I am so thankful to have her in my life. She is truly gifted in her clairvoyance and spiritual advising. Together we are turning the negative into positive. Thank you Ms. Peggy.....IC


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