Psychic Readings: Guidance through Tarot Cards, Palm Reading & Spiritual Cleansing in Austin, TX

My name is Peggy and I am a gifted psychic in Austin TX. I have been blessed with psychic intuition abilities that were passed down from my father’s generation.

I have been a local business owner over 27 years, and have well over 35 years of psychic experience

I specialize in Palm readings and Tarot card readings

Psychic Card Palm Readings by Peggy can help with reuniting lost loved ones and guidance in all areas of life. A Tarot card reading with a true, honest psychic can bring a feeling of peace and security in just one visit.

Choose from Palm Readings * Tarot Card Readings * Psychic Card Readings * Crystal readings * Energy & Love Healing (reuniting lovers) * Chakra Balancing

Experience restored energy and confidence!

Are you feeling depressed? Are you having trouble in love? Are you going through a divorce? Has your love one suddenly abandoned you? Having trouble in your career? Are you going through confusion and obstacles in your life? Allow Peggy to help you through all your questions and guide you with results after just one reading.

Located in Austin, Texas but willing to travel to other locations to better serve you. I specialize in psychic readings for parties and gatherings. I also do phone readings. Contact me for pricing.

(512) 385-5803

We Do Parties, Events & Phone Readings!